Year in Review 2018

CGIAR Platform for Big Data in Agriculture

Concept development, co-writing, and full implementation

For the second year I had the honour and pleasure to create the Annual Report of the CGIAR Platform for Big Data in Agriculture.

The “Year in Review 2018” builds on the logo and visuals developed for the Platform’s annual convention on Decoding the Data Ecosystem, with the rotating “decoding ring” as a key element of the landing page.

The Year in Review 2018 is a single page responsive microsite created within the Platform’s website.

Keeping it compact

In order to keep the report compact and navigation simple and friendly, I used a number of tricks, including overlays, horizontal magic scroll, and toggle-like sections.

Entire new sections appear on click.

More information appears in an overlay upon clicking on the image.

This section of the report, which presents the winners of the 2018 Inspire Challenge, scrolls horizontally.

Animated and interactive graphics

Icon-based menu

The navigation uses icons as menu items with full section titles appearing on mouse-over. This effect is replaced on smaller devices with a simple slide-in menu that also conserves the icons as a visual reference.