Year in Review 2017

CGIAR Platform for Big Data in Agriculture

Concept development and full implementation

The “Year in Review 2017” is the Platform’s first annual report, as the Platform was officially created in May 2017.

It is themed around one of the Platform’s first priorities in its first year of existence: Building the Alliance for an Agricultural Data Revolution.

The building of the alliance and the involvement of multiple partners from very diverse sectors and backgrounds was illustrated through a “network visualization” that I created with the Onodo platform.

Featuring parallax scrolling, the Year in Review 2017 is a single page responsive microsite created within the Platform’s website.

It was designed as a timeline that tells the story of the Platform sofar from its birth to what it has achieved during its first year to what it plans the achieve next.

The navigation uses icons as menu items with full section titles appearing on mouse-over. This effect is replaced on smaller devices with a simple slide-in menu that also conserves the icons as a visual reference.