A native WordPress Information System for the CGIAR Big Data Platform

The Digital Food Systems Evidence Clearinghouse developed for the CGIAR Platform for Big Data in Agriculture aims to showcase all kinds of digital tools – not just big data – that will help practitioners easily identify mature technologies and entry-points for them in agri-food systems.

It was created entirely within the WordPress environment in which the website is built, using the Toolset plugin and related extensions. This means that the Clearinghouse does not depend on any external platform and iframes.

The system features a simple and efficient search module, as well as a global map to visualize where interventions have been deployed in the world.

The system also comprises an online submission form and a workflow that will allow new submissions to be included seamlessly in the database after review and approval by the project manager. The entire workflow happens on the front-end, and does not require the project manager to be familiar with the WordPress backend.

Taking a closer look:

Interventions are displayed on a worldmap, providing quick access to more information

More details of each intervention can be found only a click away

Logged in user with administrator status can edit or delete submissions

The workflow takes place on the front-end, with no need for the Administrator to be trained on using the WordPress backend