CIAT’s Annual Report 2017-2018

Concept, writing and editing, full implementation

A strong visual connection to the SDGs

The rotating Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) wheel right on the fullwidth homescreen provides a simple visual statement: the content in the report is directly related to the SDGs.

A sleek side-bar menu

Discrete and elegant sidebar menu with custom icons. The bar is visible at all time, making the navigation flawless.

Mouseover triggers vertical slide-in panels for sub-menu items. Smooth scrolling to the different sections on the main page.

Slide-in panels include more elaborate html elements, like this map that provides easy access to the different stories based on their geographical location, facilitating browsing.

Awesome interactive graphics

Smart use of overlays

Rather than opening a new page, clicking on each image opens an overlay, which loads very fast and is easily closed.

Overlays can be shared on social media thanks to their very own custom sharing module.